Bike Fittings and Detailing

WHAT’S the Cost ?

RoundAbout offers:

  • Recreational fitting for $35HomeBikeFittings
  • Pro fitting for $150
  • Detailing - price varies with the condition of the bike and the client's needs.

WHY purchase a fitting ?

A "bike fitting" is a generic term used to describe the process of optimizing cycling comfort and efficiency by tailoring the "geometry of the points of contact or setup" between you and your bike.  A poor fit is often cited as the number one reason for discomfort or pain while riding.  A poor bike fit can result in discomfort in just about any area of the body – literally from head to toe.  Although biking is not for everyone, it's unfortunate that many people abandon cycling before exploring the value of a good fit to significantly improve their biking experience. Those who do often reap the lifelong benefits this activity can provide.

An optimal fitting maximizes the efficiency and comfort of cycling. When buying a new bike, the selection of frame size and geometry are critical, although not sufficient, for achieving a good fit.  In addition to the frame design, the dimensions and adjustments of certain bike components influence the fit.  Example components are the seat (more formally called the saddle in cycling jargon), stem length and angle, handlebar height, crank arm length, etc.  If you already have a bike, it is highly unlikely that it came from the factory adjusted to be optimized for your unique biomechanics.

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