Derailleur Tune Ups

WHAT’S The Cost ?

RoundAbout will inspect, tune, and lubricate your derailleurs and drivetrain (chain, chainring, etc.) for $36

WHY Purchase our drivetrain maintenance service ?

Derailleurs are the most misunderstood and complicated components of a multi-speed bike. HomeDeRaileur  Derailleurs perform the same basic function as the transmission in your car by moving the chain to different sets of gears that allow you to maintain a relatively constant cadence (or rotations per minute – RPM) as you ride on different inclines.
A typical multi-speed bike has a front and a rear derailleur.  These are key components of your bikes drivetrain (the pieces and parts involved in transferring your energy to the wheels that propel you down the road/trail). When properly tuned, derailleurs can offer a smooth and enjoyable ride.  When out of adjustment or particularly dirty, derailleurs can exhibit a wide range of undesirable behaviors, from annoying noises to poor shifting, to virtually rendering your bike inoperable. Periodic cleaning and tuning can significantly increase the life of your derailleurs.

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