Drivetrain Maintenance

WHAT’S The Cost ?

RoundAbout offers:

  • Inspect, tune, and lubricate your derailleurs and drivetrain (chain, chain ring, etc.) for $36
  • An "Easy Ride" Tune up package for $90 (a 19% discount) that includes:
    • Full bike inspection
    • Clean and lubricate drive train (including chain, derailleurs, chain ring, cassette, etc.)
    • Derailleurs tune-up
    • Brake tune-up
    • On-bike wheel truing (on truing stand add $16)

WHY Purchase our "Easy Ride" Tune up package ?HomeDriveTrain

This package is an excellent value for ensuring your bike is ready to roll.  It addresses all the key elements of your bikes drivetrain (the pieces and parts involved in transferring your energy to the wheels that propel you down the road/trail).  When properly cleaned and tuned, most bikes can provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.  The service elements included should be done at least once a year.

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